Heating and Boiler Maintenance Services

Bates FMC offer a full industrial and commercial boiler repair, boiler servicing and boiler maintenance service for private and commercial central heating systems to our customers. Some tips and advice we offer to our existing and new customers are below:
  • Carry out central heating and boiler maintenance – Overtime mechanical components can become worn which can affect combustion efficiency. Therefore, burners and controls need to be checked at regular intervals and adjusted as necessary, this saves you money as less gas is consumed.
  • Minimize heat losses – Keep boiler insulation in good condition. All pipework, valves, flanges and fittings in the boiler room should be adequately insulated and valve mats/covers should be replaced after maintenance work.
  • Implement effective water treatment – The presence of impurities and contaminants in water make treatment and conditioning regimes essential to provide water of a suitable quality for the effective operation of steam boiler plant and systems.
  • Produce a maintenance manual – Bates FMC will produce detailed records of work done, the person responsible, and when they were completed. The formalisation of maintenance in this manner should help ensure that tasks are carried out at the correct frequency and will highlight ongoing problems.
  • Consider boiler replacement – In the longer term, if a boiler is more than 15 years old, or if it is showing signs of inefficient operation, it may need replacing.