Water Hygiene and Duct Cleaning Services

Bates FMC offer high quality, expert advice and legally compliant services for Legionella Control, Kitchen Extract Cleaning, Duct Cleaning, Water Tank Cleaning and Grease Trap Management.

Bates FMC provide duct and ventilation cleaning services, often in kitchen environments where the air needs to be kept clean and hygienic. We can test your ductwork and implement the most effective type of cleaning, including how often ductwork cleaning should be carried out, depending on the individual building and environment.

Numerous types of bacteria can be present in water, including the potentially fatal Legionella. Neglected water tanks, reservoirs and cooling towers are extremely high risk areas for the spread of disease, as Legionella bacteria can proliferate where conditions in water systems are allowed to deteriorate. Bates FMC’s expert teams can manage the cleaning and disinfection of these water tank systems to ensure clean and hygienic water supplies